'Vice Versa' was recorded in 2 studios and featured a total of 2 producers, 2 pianists, 3 bassists and 5 drummers. All vocals, guitars and rhythm sessions were recorded by Tajik.

Tajik is entirely self-taught in guitar and vocals. He has been playing since the age of 17.

Tajik admits that the most difficult song to write was the 7-and-a-half-minute end track "Far From Here". Although most of the music was recorded in 2 days, Tajik took almost 2 weeks to complete the lyrics. He wrote the song as an homage to one of his favorite GNR songs 'Estranged'.

The first song Tajik ever wrote was 'Somebody's Son', which he wrote for his mother who passed away in January 2009. The first song he ever recorded professionally was 'Let it Burn' (followed by 'Somebody's Son' and 'All in your Head'.

Tajik's friend 'Mazhar Raza' decided to shoot the video for 'Somebody's Son' immediately after shooting the video for 'Just like the Rest'. He gave Tajik the idea to combine the footage with home videos of Tajik's mother and family. The shoot took less than 20 minutes but the video took almost 8 months to compile and complete.

The female voice during the intro of 'All in your Head' belongs to 'Lindsay Lohan'.

Tajik originally wanted to record his album without vocals and audition singers at a later stage. He later decided to sing on the album himself.

Despite being recorded with full electric guitars, 'Just like the Rest' was originally written on an acoustic guitar.

The album artwork was developed by Tajik's friend 'Shahzad Sharif'. Tajik came up with the concept.

Tajik does not smoke, drink or take drugs. He believes in leading a healthy lifestyle.

Although Tajik was born in Karachi, Pakistan, he has lived in over 6 different countries including Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Dubai, the United States and England. He spend his senior year in board school in the Middle East. He has a Master's degree in Media & Communications.

'Vice Versa' was recorded entirely with live instruments. The only exception was the piano.

Tajik only owns one guitar amplifier: a Marshall JCM 900 half stack. This is the only amp he uses to record and play live with.

Amongst Tajik's favorite hobbies are steak grilling, weight lifting and firearms. He owns a 7mm Russian-made Kalashnikov (AK47) and a Brazilian 9mm Taurus pistol.

'Vice Versa' was never made available for sale. It was distributed online free-of-cost. Tajik funded the entire production of the album without sponsorship or support from a record label.

Tajik's favorite song is "Beggars and Hangers-on" from the Slash's Snakepit album 'It's five-o-clock somewhere' (1995). Tajik has never stated which one of his own songs he likes the most. His favorite vocalist is Axl Rose from 'Guns n Roses'.

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