Tajik on the set of his video shoot 'Just like the rest' at Eastern Studios in 2009. Born in Karachi and raised around the world, Taimur Tajik returned to Pakistan in 2005 - bringing with him his love for music… blues, hard rock & heavy metal.

Upon returning home, Tajik began working on material for a studio album, with the help of friend and musician: Adison Albert (Ad Studio). In 2009, after writing and recording a series of demo tracks, Tajik joined Gumby and Omran Shafique at LJP Studios to begin recording his debut album.

After recording 3 singles at LJP, Tajik recorded the remaining 7 songs for his debut album ‘Vice Versa’ at RevX Studios with friend and fellow musician Faraz Haider.

Tajik eventually launched ‘Vice Versa’ in January, 2011 without the support of corporate sponsorship or a record label. The album received considerable media coverage as well as acclaim from local and international musicians.

The album was made available for free download online and was never sold in stores.


‘Vice Versa’ is Taimur Tajik’s debut album. The album (launched in January 2011), contains 10 original tracks which Tajik composed. Various musicians performed on the album, including Gumby, Omran Shafique, Rahail Siddique and Kami.

The album was made available for free download with only 500 hard copies available (for press and promotional purposes). ‘Vice Versa’ was never available for sale in stores.

'Vice Versa' took a total of 2 years to produce.

The front cover of 'Vice Versa'. Concept: Tajik; Execution: Shahzad S

Track Listing:

1. Just like the rest
2. Let it burn
3. Drown
4. All in your head
5. Somebody’s Son
6. Cover me
7. Better you than me
8. Disappear
9. Paralyzed
10. Far from here

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Tajik at home with his Washburn Dime V Pro and trusty Marshall JCM 900 half-stack

The majority of the guitars on ‘Vice Versa’ were recorded with a Washburn Dime V Pro plugged directly through a Marshall JCM 900 half-stack. For lead tracks, Tajik used an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer on the dual reverb channel. Tajik also used a Fender Stratocaster for the interlude on ‘Somebody’s Son’.

For acoustic tracks, Tajik used his Japanese-crafted Laruen guitar series. For live sessions, Tajik occasionally also uses his 'Legend' Les Paul Studio Korean copy.


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